A BESS is a Big Investment — Don’t Void the Warranty

While Battery Energy Storage Systems may be the latest in game-changing technology for renewable energy, adhering to the warranty around these systems is arguably more complicated than for all other assets in the renewable energy asset class.


The BESS manufacturer’s warranty “operating envelope” typically specifies limits on the system operating temperature, state of charge (SOC), rate of charge/ discharge (C-rates) and cycles (charges/discharges per month and/or year). As a BESS operator, you are responsible for demonstrating (with data & KPIs) that these operating parameters are never exceeded. 


BESS manufacturers require operators to collect and maintain operating data as evidence with a sample frequency of not less than every 15 minutes for the life of the contract. If they cannot, the warranty terms could be violated and the warranty voided, leaving the owner exposed. 

Warranty administration is further complicated by the fact that the operator is usually not responsible for dispatching the unit. BESS dispatch (scheduling the charge, discharge, ramp rate and cycling of the battery) is the responsibility of the scheduling coordinator (SC), which is often the asset manager, off-taker, or a 3rd party qualified scheduling entity (QSE).


The NarrativeWave platform helps operators maintain their warranty by automating the process needed to meet or exceed expectations for the BESS warranty “operating envelope”. This includes careful data collection, processing, analysis, storage and coordination with the scheduling coordinator to avoid voiding the warranty and seriously compromising the economic life of the asset. NarrativeWave is able to easily provide in a report all the evidence needed for warranty claims so operators ensure they are protected in their BESS investment.




Get the Most Out of Your BESS Investment with NarrativeWave

Between helping customers manage their BESS’s for utility events as well as capitalizing on additional opportunities, NarrativeWave customers are seeing a lot of value from their BESS’s. 


The data from NarrativeWave helps operators manage their commitments and take advantage of opportunities as they arise, while also giving them peace of mind that their warranty is valid should an issue occur. The same concepts for managing energy assets need to be applied to your BESS. Even better, managing your BESS alongside your assets provides opportunities for operational improvements that drive revenue.


NarrativeWave provides the actionable insights needed to successfully realize the benefits of a BESS. Ready to learn more? Grab a spot on my calendar.

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