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Engineers working at industrial operations can all agree that asset monitoring systems are producing too many alerts to manage.

Alert fatigue is common and valuable insights are overlooked because the engineers just don’t have the time to investigate each alert to find the ones that are impacting production. 

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In a resource constrained world, engineers, operators, and executives need a better way to get things done. 

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The alert manager allows operators to take their existing manual processes of managing alarms into an automated system – quickly creating prioritization rules, automatically reducing overlapping alarms, and even assigning next step actions.


This means that instead of spending time manually reviewing large numbers of alarms, engineer's across industries can spend time taking action on high-priority issues.


Alert Management Capabilities: 


Uses existing knowledge about alarms to set priorities:

The NarrativeWave system allows operators to easily implement logic rules that leverage metadata from alarms to automatically set priorities and assign users.  This is accomplished without any changes to the source systems, dramatically reducing the time and effort to rationalize the number of alarms to a manageable number. 

Reduces alarms using grouping:

Reduce alarms by grouping repetitive and overlapping alarms by automatically creating parent / child relationships using flexible logic.  This substantially reduces the volume of alarms and allows operators to focus on the root cause issues faster.

Standardizes Responses

Easily create a database of next step actions, including a feedback system that allows the solution to suggest the best corrective fix based on your feedback. 

Tracks and Improves

View dashboards showing metrics and KPIs and number of alarms, response times, and other key data.

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ALERT MANAGER FOR renewable assets


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