RWE Case Study: Automated Corrective Actions 

RWE partners with NarrativeWave to improve maintenance operations

RWE & NarrativeWave Case Study 


The Challenge

RWE, one of Europe’s largest renewable energy operators, wanted to transition from using the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) maintenance services to self-performing the maintenance activities. 


Partnering with NarrativeWave

After meeting with several vendors and seeing some demos, the choice was clear for the company: partner with NarrativeWave.


NarrativeWave worked with the company to develop a digital solution with the following important benefits including:


  • Automated corrective actions, using RWE’s knowledge
  • Reducing number of turbine visits
  • Allowing technicians to easily incorporate their feedback


“NarrativeWave had the experience and expertise helping other renewable energy operators put their knowledge into action ” says Arwel Jones, Maintenance Manager at RWE. “They worked closely with us to deploy an innovative solution we really needed.”


When asked about deployment and adoption of the NarrativeWave solution, he added, “NarrativeWave was very responsive to our needs and helped configure everything from data connections to screens for our field operators to use. The solution was intuitive and they were always there to answer any questions.”


The Results

Since deploying NarrativeWave, RWE is beginning to see positive results across several categories, including Time, Operations, and Process. Examples include reducing the time it takes to identify the corrective action, reducing the number of turbine visits, and an improved internal process.


Now, when faults occur, the NarrativeWave solution automatically creates an Event. This allows users to see the history of the Event, assign a person and status for follow up, and also keep track of comments about the Event.


The company is also tapping into the benefits of NarrativeWave’s unique Corrective Actions module, which automatically suggests corrective actions based on faults that occur using RWE’s knowledge. Furthermore, RWE now has a solution that automatically improves over time by using input from field engineers to score which corrective actions are most likely to solve each problem in the future.


With the NarrativeWave partnership in place, the company is looking forward to maximizing the efficiency of technician maintenance turbine visits, and improving its fault response process.


 “I recommend other organizations in our industry to consider teaming up with NarrativeWave,” adds Arwel. “You get a cost-effective digital solution that can help save money and time through an automated process.”



Offshore Wind Turbine


·     Automation

·     Fault Response

·     Analytics



·      Manual turbine maintenance process

·      Costly external solutions

·      Lack of control and visibility 



·      Reduction in number of maintenance visits

·      Improved efficiency onshore and offshore

·      Greater levels of visibility and control

·      Deployed an innovative digital solution with significant future upside.


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