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Infographic: Enel and NarrativeWave - Electrical Submersible Pumps

  Enel successfully made the transition from having unplanned failures and excessive downtime, to using predictive analytics that significantly reduced downtime and supply chain costs.  Using NarrativeWave’s solution and transparent predictive analytics, Enel now has an average 54 days in advance notice of critical asset failure. Scroll below to dive into a NarrativeWave software high-level.
Jaclyn Freedman
January 20, 2021

Infographic: Self-Service Analytics

Go beyond traditional monitoring by combining advanced analytics and your existing engineering knowledge. With NarrativeWave's self-service solution, you can easily put your knowledge into action. Our custom platform is powered by machine learning and decision trees that produce more than standard alerts - they produce critical insights you can use to improve your operations.  Through automating.
Alec Miller
November 19, 2020
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